In between web design jobs we get quite a lot of spare time on our hands and lately we have been spending it matched betting. If you have never heard of matched betting it is a risk free way to make money by exploiting bookie bonuses and free bets. All above board just a bit of maths involved to make the odds work for you. Sounds like a scam doesn’t it. It’s actually simpler than it sounds. Basically we are placing 2 beats to cancel each other out, then we get a free bet effectively for free.

I learned to do this at a site called oddsmonkey, they have all the guides you need to make this really easy to learn. Once you have gotten your head around it all you can start to make some risk free money every single day. They also have some great software that makes it much easier for you to complete your matched bets. This means you can do more bets every day and make even more money.

There service is really excellent so I recommend checking them out if you are interested. I spent a lot of time reading up on the subject before I jumped in. I was convinced it couldn’t work but now I am sat here ¬£1000 richer and the money shows no signs of stopping.