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What Do I Bring to my Initial Interview with Patent Attorney?

You are going to have to teach the Patent Attorney what your invention is. This means you should expect to describe:

  • What the prior art was;
  • What the main problems with the prior art were;
  • What problem(s) your invention was meant to solve;
  • What problem(s) your invention actually solved;
  • How your invention works; (the ‘Best Mode’)
  • Alternative embodiments, with relative advantages and disadvantages;
  • What advantages it has over the prior art [(d) and (e) are ‘how your idea is better’]; and,
  • What problems still remain that you haven’t solved.

The explanation will be verbal and may be graphic, as well. One of the patent attorney’s concerns will be understanding your invention; but a second major concern will be finding a great way to describe your invention — a way that both the experts in the field and the laypersons on the jury will both understand and agree with. Or get help for your invention from patenting agencies, they have more experience with inventions. So if you have any particularly vivid imagery, metaphor, or analogy, you should share it.

The more prepared you are, the less time and effort must be spent by the patent attorney (which means your cost is less). The very best clients bring all of the following:

  • a survey of the relevant prior art, with references to both patents and technical literature, organized by primacy;
  • a technical description of the invention;
  • a list of the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the invention when compared to the prior art;
  • proposed language for what you’d like claimed; (don’t worry about getting these into ‘patent English’; but if you use a particular phrase not common in the literature, think of alternative words).
  • proposals for how you’d ‘design around’ the invention to circumvent the patent once it issues;
  • drawings of the invention, particularly of the variations; and, if one exists,
  • a model of the best instantiation.

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Health and Beauty

Denture Implant

Many patients are opting for dental implants because they are the closest match to natural teeth. Titanium mounts are inserted into the jawbone while under anesthesia. Depending on the situation, the patient may have one small titanium mount for one missing tooth or a few well-placed mounts to hold an entire dental plate, making their dentures permanent and look less like fake teeth. Patients are able to bite into an apple or eat corn on the cob with no problems. At a good denture implant clinic in Port Orange, such as Sweet Denture, the caring and efficient staff will make the transition to dental implants as painless and easy as possible for all their patients. All aspects of denture implants will be fully explained and how to maintain them the same way as their regular teeth.

Denture Care

When the patient receives their dentures for the first time, they will be given complete instructions in the cleaning and soaking process to keep smile alights clean and sparkling white. Proper denture care will prevent bacteria from growing in and around the dentures, causing microscopic damage to the teeth and material used in making smile dental dentures.

Day Dentures

Sweet Dentures recommends that everyone carefully select any dentist that advertises cheap dentures in one day. Although this is a great way to replace a broken denture, they are not always the custom fit afforded by a regular dentist.

With today’s new technologies and materials for making dentures, it is very important to be armed with as much information as possible before making that first visit to the dentist. Sweet Dentures is now filling that gap with all the information and knowledge that someone will need when the time comes for their need of hybrid dentures in Port Orange.