Mice are one of the most troublesome household pests in Norway and can be difficult to get rid of. If your infestation is out of control, an exterminator is the best option. However, if you only have a few mice in your home, you may be able to get rid of them before the population expands. Below are some tips on how to get rid of mice in Norway.

Keep Trash and Food Sealed

Keeping your trash and food sealed will make your home less attractive to mice. If possible, keep your trash far away from your home and remember to take the garbage out in a timely manner. Food should be kept in airtight, glass containers. Remember, mice can chew through just about anything, and this includes plastic. Make sure that there are no entryways, or openings, in your pantry that mice can fit through.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural mouse deterrent because of its intense odor. Aside from the fact that mice do not like this smell, peppermint will also help mask the smell of any food you have in your home. Simply place a drop or two of the oil on a cotton ball near entryways in your home, including doorways and heating vents. Some homeowners have also had success with keeping mice away by growing peppermint plants near their home’s entryways. Peppermint oil can be purchased online or in any health food store.

Use Natural Mice Predators

Another way to combat mice is to introduce their natural predators into the environment, such as cats and barn owls. Even if your cat does not care for mice, you can place a litterbox near entryways in your home as a deterrent. The smell of the cat urine will scare the mice away.

Barn owls can also help you get rid of mice. A family of these owls can eat up to 15 mice in just one night. You can attract these owls by creating a shelter box in your garden area.

Humane Traps

Traditional mouse traps are highly effective, but inhumane. Humane traps will catch the mouse in a box. Once the mice are caught, you will need to release them at least one mile from your home. There a lot of mice traps and tools to choose from, such as this musebørste for example.

Once you have gotten rid of the mice in your home, you will need to take steps to prevent them from re-entering your home. Sealing up any openings that are larger than 1/4-inch will stop the mice from getting back into your home. If you are having a difficult time getting rid of the mice in your home, you may need to call a professional exterminator for help.